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Small Business Websites

An affordable, high-quality option unparalleled in value

Now any small business can launch and manage a top-notch professional database-driven website, without installing any software or knowing anything about the web’s programming languages, and without worrying about hosting fees or setting up a web server – all for a very affordable price. Our Small Business Solutions Package is the perfect fit for any small business.

Because our Small Business Solutions comes as a package, it not only offers a tremendous value in terms of cost, but it also offers many elements of a highly sophisticated website that could cost into the thousands. When you combine these two - low cost and high quality - you get a program with value and benefits that can't be compared or found anywhere else!

Give your business a professional internet presence, and make a lasting impression on your customers as they navigate through a site that features your products and services, utilizing attractive graphics, and exercising the latest in web technology. Deliver advertising and important information quickly and accurately to your all important customers.

All this is easily manageable from your company’s administrative back-end system, accessible from any computer in the world via the web. Get detailed user statistics, make unlimited updates to your site, create company email accounts that use your domain name (jdoe@widgets.com), manage your online sales, and much more. An easy-to-use wizard makes creating new pages a cinch, or if you’re a techie, you can even upload your own HTML pages to your site. It’s all available on your site’s administrative back-end.

So, you ask, what are the components of the Small Business Solutions Package?  The features include:
• Design, Program and Launch a professional, data-based website
• Hosting for your website
• Back-end Administration Panel for editing pages
• Access to Photo & Video Galleries, Blogs, E-mail Campaigns, and more
• Customer Support
• Free Membership in The Hoopla (Business Promotion & Networking Partner)
• 5 Free Ads per month in The Hoopla network

With a package cost of $1500 and a monthly fee of $24.99, this new website solution is unparalleled in value; plus, as you can see, it even includes hosting and unlimited customer support. If you’re not already on the web, or your company’s site is outdated or too difficult to update because you rely on programs such as FrontPage or DreamWeaver, we truly believe this new website solution will vastly benefit your company.

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